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You are suggesting that someone really bright could spend, say, 10 years studying biology in depth, 10 years studying physics in depth, 10 years studying chemistry in depth, 10 years studying cosmology in depth, and so on.

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After many more years we finally understood this was the DNA molecule and how each gene could specify a protein.Then we started looking at the genome and seeing how genes interacted: turning one another on and off, moving from place to place, the importance of epigenetics, the role of the environment and so on.Now people are starting to look at how whole cells and even whole organisms work together: genes generate proteins which affect other proteins which affect the organism and also affect gene expression. BBC News – The virtual cell that simulates lifeBut this requires a lot of information and is only possible because we have massive amounts of computing power. I’m always for taking a wholistic view of any problems.

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